Thanksgiving Lesson Idea

Thanksgiving is coming up on November 23rd! If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving-themed lesson for ESL students, I created a plan and materials that I’m going to use with my students this Thanksgiving.

I’m going to use this cute video called “Salt,” about a boy who makes a pumpkin pie for his family for Thanksgiving but makes a terrible mistake! Watch it here:

I plan to use it as a MovieTalk followed up by a reading. In a MovieTalk, the teacher plays the video and pauses it frequently to narrate what’s happening. Read this post by Martina Bex for more information if you’re unfamiliar with the technique.

I created a reading and a few other activity ideas for the MovieTalk, which you can download here. I created the materials with my Level 2 students in mind, but the documents are editable, so you can adapt them to the level of your students. One of the nice things about MovieTalk is how easily you can adapt it for each class you teach. With lower-level classes, you can use very simple language to describe what’s happening in the video; with higher-level classes, you can use more advanced language or ask your students higher-level questions about the video.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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