Thanksgiving Lesson Idea

Thanksgiving is coming up on November 23rd! If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving-themed lesson for ESL students, I created a plan and materials that I’m going to use with my students this Thanksgiving.

I’m going to use this cute video called “Salt,” about a boy who makes a pumpkin pie for his family for Thanksgiving but makes a terrible mistake! Watch it here:

I plan to use it as a MovieTalk followed up by a reading. In a MovieTalk, the teacher plays the video and pauses it frequently to narrate what’s happening. Read this post by Martina Bex for more information if you’re unfamiliar with the technique.

I created a reading and a few other activity ideas for the MovieTalk, which you can download here (for $1).

UPDATE: I now have the same materials available in Spanish, for Spanish learners. Download them here (for $1)!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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