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TPRS Stories and MovieTalks:

“I’m Sick”: This is a TPRS story script that I used with my students. The underlined words are names and details that will change depending on the information your students suggest. The key vocabulary phrases used are: I’m sick and My ____ hurts.

“A Scary Spider”: This is a MovieTalk using the Simon’s Cat “Scary Legs” video. Click to download the Student Handout and Vocabulary Intro PPT. The key vocabulary words used are: is scared, falls down, feels, hit, dead, alive.

“Looks for/Finds” Unit: This is a mini-unit that focuses on the words “looks for,” “finds,” and “knows.” First, I use this Vocabulary Intro PPT to introduce the new words, and then I ask a TPRS story based on Martina Bex’s “Búscalo (Look For It)” story script. Then I do a MovieTalk using the YouTube video “Runaway.” Before showing the video, I use this Vocabulary Intro PPT and do some PQA (Personalized Questions and Answers) with the words. After watching the video, I give the students this handout with the written story and some questions. As a review activity, I use this fake text conversation between Steven (the man in the video) and his girlfriend.

“Women in the Morning Before Coffee”: This is a MovieTalk using this YouTube video. Click to download the Vocabulary Intro PPT and the Student Handout. The key vocabulary words used are: scary, scared, looks like, hears, sound, before, after.


Story Listening:

My adaptation of “The Princess and the Pea” by Hans Christian Anderson

My adaptation of “King Midas and the Golden Touch” (the document contains both a higher-level and lower-level version)

My adaptation of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” (for lower-level students)