“Crazy Socks at a Funeral”: A Reading Passage for Intermediate-Level Students

Why did President George H.W. Bush wear colorful patterned socks to his wife’s funeral?

Image result for george h.w. bush's socks funeral

I made a one-page reading passage for intermediate-level English language learners that is accompanied by previewing and post-reading questions. It’s a fun news article that talks about President George H.W. Bush and his connection to John Cronin, a 22-year-old man with Down syndrome who opened a sock business. The story ties in with current news headlines, and it could also be a good way to talk about and compare cultural customs, like proper attire for funerals or topics related to the U.S. presidency. In my class, the topic was a bit controversial and generated quite a bit of discussion because some of my students said they thought it was disrespectful to wear fun, colorful socks to a funeral.

Download the article for free here.

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